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"Failing to plan is planning to fail."
- anon
Training & Mentoring

You often hear about working smarter not harder - but how do you do this?

We design and conduct basic and advanced training courses for groups, companies and individuals. Courses include marketing, sales and sales management, promotional/advertising planning, market research, mentoring and time management.

All training is centered on "working smarter not harder".

Marketing Research

Including conducting opinion polls, focus groups, customer satisfaction surveys, etc and other relevant kinds of market research tailored to the needs of your business.

An investment in research can often quickly turn a business around - savings in both promotional outlay and increased revenue.

Marketing Consultancy

To examine your existing or proposed business and show you how to enhance your marketing practices to improve your business ...

.. by striving to give you a sustainable competitive advantage or achieve some other objective such as repositioning, diversification, market share, brand awareness, refine target markets, find niche markets, better understand client needs, etc.

Put simply - in most cases it is about how to make you more money.

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